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EntityRank allows you to complete a set of 300 profiles in about two hours, with comprehensive criteria to identify entities such as NAP, Avatar, and Cover. The profiles connect to one another automatically, forming a cohesive network of linkages for the website. Let’s go!

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Software Features

The emergence of EntityRank is a vibrant color in the canvas of ScapBot’s ecosystem. Explore the unique features of this tool so that you can manage your SEO budget sensibly and exponentially accelerate the progress of your tasks by 10 times.


The tool creates an account package with full details like Email, Username, and Password, for self-login or customer distribution.


EntityRank automatically accesses the account configuration page, completes information according to predefined NAP settings, and inserts backlinks to your URL.


The tool interconnects the profiles together to help Google discern entities more clearly. You can customize how they link or even disable them if desired.

Website Filters

You can set up creating profiles with Dofollow, Nofollow, or Mention attribute links for easy testing of the most effective SEO methods.

Detailed Report

After EntityRank’s finishes its tasks as configured, a detailed report will be generated, including all account info and successful profile links.

Schedule Automatic

EntityRank offers a scheduled auto-mode and versatile customization, enabling simultaneous management of multiple campaigns.

The interface while EntityRank is in operation

A solution that helps you reduce Entity costs by 70%

Indeed, the typical cost for a single link profile when outsourcing services ranges from $0.4 to $0.6. However, with EntityRank’s premium packages and significant discounts, each link profile costs only $0.125.

And when you hire any partner to execute the link profile backlink package, it usually takes them 5 to 7 days to complete. When using EntityRank with a well-configured computer, you only need to wait a few hours.

Time is money. This becomes even more crucial when you optimize both time and costs, leaving you with more resources to allocate towards other vital tasks for your SEO project.

Creating foundational backlink sets is incredibly important

Building a foundational backlink set is VITALLY IMPORTANT to ensure Google’s ‘sandbox’ doesn’t visit your site. Having a strong foundational backlink profile will unquestionably create favorable circumstances for implementing safer and more sustainable link-building strategies, especially considering Google Sandbox’s limited interaction with websites.

With EntityRank, not only does your homepage receive backlink signals from authoritative pages, but directory pages, articles, products, and more also have the opportunity to do so. Something that you can’t achieve when outsourcing due to the significant cost barrier per URL.

The interface for configuring the configuration tabs
The interface for managing the list of created accounts

And other benefits when you have EntityRank

As a tool created to completely simulate user manual operations, EntityRank is a genuine ‘White Hat’ SEO software. With EntityRank, you’ll become a part of the SEO ScapBot tool user community, where numerous experts in the SEOBiz field will assist you.

Faster SEO than competitors

Stronger SEO than competitors

More sustainable TOP SEO

Blending seamlessly with SocialPion – Social Media Engagement Software – and IndexPush – Superhuman Indexer Software, once again, EntityRank will empower you with a shining foundational backlink set.

#EntityRank is not just about creating backlink profiles. It’s also a tool that enables you to easily test the most optimal backlink strategies, which are not easily achievable when done manually. This is a must-have tool in every one of your SEO projects.

– Mr. Harry Paul (Lead Developer, ScapBot JSC)



Quota Pricing

Note: Currently, EntityRank is only available for customers who have purchased the VIP SocialPion package (Pre-Order)


Basic pland designed for customers wanting to experience EntityRank


Purchase BASIC


Profiles Number : 100

Time Used: 30 days

Indexed by: IndexPush

Support: Ticket

Most Popular


Suitable for most individual customers looking to build link profiles


Purchase MEGA


Profiles Number : 200

Time Used: 90 days

Indexed by: IndexPush

Support: Ticket, Messenger


For organizations and businesses engaged in service provision


Purchase STAR


Profiles Number : 300

Time Used: 180 days

Indexed by: IndexPush

Support: Ticket, Messenger


Frequently asked questions

Can I use the tool for multiple websites?

Yes, you can use the tool for an unlimited number of websites. In the EntityRank configuration section, you’re allowed to choose link profiles pointing to any URL you want.

Are my backlink profiles automatically indexed?

Yes, all the link profiles created by EntityRank are supported for indexing through IndexPush. The indexing success rate is around 90%, varying at different times.

Why am I unable to purchase the tool?

EntityRank is a game-changing SEO software. Currently, ScapBot only offers the tool to customers who have purchased the Pre-Order SocialPion package or strategic partners.

Manual vs. tool-generated links: differences?

No difference. Profile links generated by the tool simulate manual operations, ensuring the quality is identical – even more accurate than manual creation.

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